What is Bible Discovery?

Bible Discovery is a simple but very powerful discipleship process centred on opening the Bible with someone who doesn’t yet follow Jesus. It is sometimes so simple that people walk by it and miss its power – yet thousands of churches have been planted using this methodology. It is as simple as ABC…

Ask: A session begins with prayer and thanksgiving.

Bible: The Bible is at the centre – the disciple is empowered to discover the truth in God’s Word for themselves, rather than being taught by the leader.

Commit: The disciple commits to apply and share what they are learning.

We have found Bible Discovery is effective for both Christians and non-Christians alike and when they come together everyone benefits.

If you would like more detailed information about Bible Discovery we found this document from Crossway very helpful (opens in new tab). However we found it is best to experience it firsthand before trying to host a session. If you’d like to do so please contact us to find out when our next session is.